Gas Monitoring in Industry and Process Control

Monitoring of ambient air with respect to industrial gases, contaminants like toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) causing bad smell become more important to the industry every day. This is due to a more demanding environmental legislation and cost-by-cause principle. Therefore e.g. stack monitoring or odour mapping are assignments where sensitive, reliable and rugged analytical instrument that go beyond common sensor technologies like the GC-IMS are needed

G.A.S. analytical systems can be adopted to various environmental and process control related applications by adjusting sampling, operating mode and  data analysis in a way its customers can take maximum benefit from. Robustness, rare need of maintenance and the easiness of operation are the premises for an industrial environment and technical personnel. 

The IMS-technology as applied by G.A.S. comprises these premises with the outstanding sensitivity for the detection of volatile compounds and gases, respectively. Smart result-evaluation concepts, learnable in few days without the need of an analytical background, complete this straightforward approach and allows to bring a highly sophisticated instrument on-site. Doing so it becomes feasible to transfer the point of analysis to the place where instant results are needed while avoiding measurement mistakes (human factor) through an easy-to-use menu and by that assuring reliable and reproducible results.