Differentiation and Authentication of Rice

The quality control of rice as the most widely consumed staple food providing a fifth of the world’s calories on a daily basis has an outstanding importance regarding human health and nourishment.

Certain strains are prized for their fragrant aroma including Basmati and Thai rice. Their distinctive aroma is due primarily to the presence of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline which can be used as a marker to assess rice quality.

To test for rice quality same as its specific kind the FlavourSpec® is an ideal tool as it combines an automated sample-handling directly from the headspace, 2-dimensional separation capacity of the complex headspace composition and sensitive detection through its integrated IMS detector technology. By that a comparison of the aroma compounds in different rice samples within a few minutes is achieved. The merged power of GC separation and IMS sensitivity means that target compounds, responsible for desirable fragrance and/or off-odour, can be detected even down at the sub-ppbv range without any sample pre-treatment.


  1. Detection and quantitation of desirable fragrances (2-actyl-1-pyrroline) and off-smells from storage and/or packaging
  2. Classification of rice types
  3. Quality control and quality assurance of rice batches wrt off-smells, storage conditions and/or packaging



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