Analysis of Olive Oil

High quality native olive oils is a pure and healthy natural product that stands out due to a complex and rich flavour. There is a mayor interest of all parties involved throughout the entire supply chain assure a best quality and pay an adequate price for it.

Due to its 2-dimensional separation capacity the GC-IMS set-up is an extremely powerful tool to enable a comprehensive analysis of olive oil. Moreover relevant volatile compounds that compose a unique flavour of the oil and finally decide how it is categorized require the sensitivity of the IMS sensor and a software that allows to handle the complex data of the 3-dimensional chromatograms and correlate them with hedeonistic results of sensory panels. Using the FalvourSpec and the 'LAV' software package a data base with regard to the several analytical questions around olive can be set up to impartially:

  1. Categorize different olive oil qualities

  2. Authenticate oils

  3. Evaluate storage conditions

  4. Define best before datesupply chain. 

Different analytical approaches like idenditfication and quantification of a set or individual (marker) compounds have been successfully followed using the FlavourSpec and prove the power of G.A.S. unique set-up.



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