Tobacco and cigarettes

Tobacco and cigarettes belong to the world's most important luxury foodstuffs/stimulants with a global  turnover in the high hundreds of billions USD. A sophisticated quality control regarding several aspects is a MUST.   

Regardless their general bad impact on human health there are several applications regarding tobacco/cigarette quality quality control from the industry's same as from the consumers' point of view that need to be addressed analytically. Starting with the control of tobacco leaves quality and their specific storage conditions wrt temperature and humidity, severe problems like fungal attack can occur that impede their further processing. Going down the value chain further subjects are of high interest:

  1. Determination of the aroma load/quality (blending) and stability

  2. Quality control of the finished product (cigarette/cigar)

  3.  Evaluating outgasing of packaging (inserts) to cigarettes

  4. Identifying genuine/counterfeit cigarettes

All above mentioned analytical assignments can be addressed using GC-IMS technology and have been successfully developed and/or implemented using G.A.S. instrumentation. Advantages such as short ananlysis time, a simplified workflow without sample pre-treatment and short analysis time of <15 minutes (inject-to-inject) are highly appreciated at the R&D centers of our multi national customers same as leading scientific institutes of the tobacco industry. 



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