The GC-IMS-ODOR is a stand-alone instrument, which has been developed to precisely quantify the concentration of Gasodor®-S-Free®, THT or TBM in natural gas.

Besides power the GC-IMS-ODOR only needs N2 or synthetic air as drift and carrier gas for operation. Driving from spot to spot its one-klick operation accessible via the 6,4“ TFT touch screen display allows to securely carry out on-site tests manually even by non-specialists. Upon completion of a measurement after approx. 4 minutes values are automatically stored on the integrated compact flash card. They can be downloaded via USB stick or Ethernet cable connection to PC at the end of a shift. Reports are availble as user friendly Excell tables or directly printable from pdf.files.

Alternatively the device can be used as a 24/7 based on-line monitoring tool to automatically test for the odour concentration in user defined intervals. Operating in this mode the system carries out a self-test before each test and if necessary re-calibrates itself by the use of a calibration gas so that maximum accuracy and security is achieved. Acquired data are consecutively transmitted via current loop 4-20mA, a modem- or network connection to a control room. 



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