Beer brewing: Analysis and Quality Control  

The quantification of diacetyl and pentanedione (vicinal di-ketones) to determine the end of the brewing process is the key criteria in the global beer industry.  

As a by-product of the yeast fermentation the level of diacetyl has to reach a level of <0.1 mg/L to avoid any unwanted off-flavour. As the brewing process is time and energy consuming regular measurements of the diacetyl and pentanedione concentration belong to the daily routines of larger breweries.

The FlavourSpec is an innovative and reliable gas chromatograph that:

  1. Enables a precise and reliable test for diacetyl and pentanedione in the relevant range of 0.01-0.5 mg/L from the headspace of beer samples
  2. Follows an easy and straigforward workflow: sample, degas and analyse!
  3. Comes with a customized and very user friendly 'BeerAnalyzer'-software including automatic quantification and calibration functionality
  4. Allows to use the same instrument to further determine flavour inducing/active and quality marking compounds
  5. Impartially authenticate and test the flavour and/or quality of commodities such as hops or finished products
  6. Optimize or control storage conditions



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