Ion Mobility Spectrometer

IMS-detector offers outstanding sensitivity, a second dimension of separation (full orthogonality) and is free from licencing

The Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) by G.A.S. mbH enables the use of the IMS technology coupled to temperature ramped benchtop gas chromatographs (GC) and by that in very demanding analytical applications where high separation capabilities and/or sensitivity are needed. Compared to other detectors the IMS offers a second dimension of separation and by that full orthogonality so that co-eluting compounds can still be separated before they are detected at low-/sub ppb level. According to the laws of IMS which operates at atmospheric pressure ions are separated by their mass and structure. By that even isomeric compounds can be separated from each other. The applied tritium source with a low intensity lies below the exemption limit of the EU directive 96/29 EURATOM and therefore does not need any licencing. The operation of the detector can be in the positive mode to e.g. test for heteroatomic compounds when dealing with (off-) flavour inducing compounds. It also performs with outstanding sensitivity in the negative mode when testing for e.g. halogenated or sulphurous substances.

The compact device comes as ready-to-couple with software for setting of detector parameters same as drift gas flow. The customized transfer line is temperature-controlled and steered by the GC so that ‘cold spots‘ can be avoided. With the oven exit on the right the GC-typical MSD (mass selective detector), located on the left side, can still be used in parallel.



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