GC-IMS Data Analysis Software - VOCal

G.A.S. offers a comprehensive line-up of software tools supporting automated data acquisition as well as data visualization, evaluation, calibration, quantification and characterization.

GC-IMS technology implies a 2-dimensional separation of chemical compounds coupled to a highly sensitive detector. The VOCal software enables a very intuitive data handling and 2- or 3-dimensional representation of measurements. If required, several measurements are easily comparable in an overlay mode or as a difference topographic plot. Furthermore each dimension of separation is easily accessible by using the GC- or IMS-monitor, which gives an one-dimensional view on the data and either a chromatogram or ion mobility spectrum. 
In many applications it is important to determine the concentration of certain substances routinely. Using an user-friendly quantification tool calibration curves and models can be established and are subsequently available for automatic substance quantification. If necessary, the established quantification model can be transferred onto the G.A.S. measurement system, resulting in a computer-independent analysis (on-site measurements, e.g.).
Yet another important function, especially in the field of quality control or flavour analysis, e.g., is the analysis of substance-specific fingerprints. For this purpose the VOCal was customized and extended by special plugins. These plugins support analysts in the domains of evaluating signal patterns (identifying specific marker compounds, different amount of substances, e.g.) of different samples and also facilitate a comprehensible graphical representation of the results obtained by fingerprint analysis.

Further the integrated software ‘GCxIMS Library Search‘ allows the  identification and characterization of unknown volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) easily and fast. Compound determination is realized by matching both (GC & IMS) compound-specific separation properties. The software comes with a full non-restricted version of the NIST2014 Retention Index Database including ~400.000 annotated Kovats/Lee retention indices and ~83.000 compounds as well as a IMS drift time database developd by G.A.S. containing several hundred substances’ specific drift times. Both libraries can be customized and expanded by the user.



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