Milk and Diary Products

Milk and diary products belong to world's most nutritious and commonly consumed foodstuff. Their variety in composition, ingredients and taste seems endless. Product same as flavour quality control are crucial criteria concerning customer satisfaction.

Due to their risk of deterioration it is imparative to be able to test milk and diary products throughout their value chain at any time without laborous and time consuming tests. Further to that sampling techniques must not have any adultering effect on the sample so that a direct headspace is preferable. Fields to test for are:

  1. Regular VOC pattern monitoring for quality control

  2. Impact of processing steps on VOC composition (UHT/pasteurization, fermentation)

  3. Shelf life and product freshness determination (by e.g. analysis of lipid auto-oxidation products)

  4. Off smell detection (e.g. by light-induced off-flavour, unwanted fermentation)
  5. Aroma release analysis

Allowing a straightforward workflow of direct headspace sampling the FlavourSpec combines the reliability of a GC with the sensitivity of the human nose by the use of the IMS detector. By that a clear the user can benefit from a clear added value with respect to availability and further from an impartial flavour documentation that can be based on a customized library elaborated with sensorial data.



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