NOx-Detection at ppb-Level

The outstanding sensitivity of ion mobility spectrometry merged with the selectivity of gas chromatography (GC-IMS) allows to quantify NO and NO2 at low ppb-level.

Highly reactive gases like Nitrogen Oxides (mainly NO and NO2), or NOx, contain nitrogen and oxygen in various amounts and chemical configurations. They form under high temperatures e.g. when fuels are burned during combustion. The primary sources of NOx--emissions are motor vehicles, power generation, and other industrial/commercial processes. Most of these compounds are colorless and odorless. However, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as a very common pollutant together with particles can often be observed as a reddish-brown layer of smog over densly populated areas.

Common methods for measuring NO and NO2 include sensors using electrochemical, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR), measuring in the ppm range and do not meet the more regulative requirements of today and the future like the GC-IMS by G.A.S. does.



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