Precision Gas Dilutor

Key Features

Unparalleled Precision:  The Precision Gas Dilutor offers unmatched accuracy in gas dilution. It ensures precise and repeatable gas mixture concentrations, guaranteeing reliable results every time.

Wide Range of Dilution Ratios: With its dilution range of 1500 the dilutor can handle a vast range of dilution ratios, making it versatile for various industries, including environmental monitoring, chemical analysis, and more.

Complete Inert Surfaces: In order to limit ad-/desorption and hysteresis effects all gas-bearing parts of the Precision Gas Dilutor are inertized (SilcoNert® 2000). 

Compatibility of different Zero-Gases: The zero-gas or rather dilution gas can easily be changed by choosing the desired gas in the software of the PGD. Correction factors for several gases are deposited. Additional gases or gas mixtures can easily be added by the customer. Calculation of correction factors for complex gas mixtures are also possible (Example Biogas: ~ 60% Methane, 40% CO2 and smaller amounts of N2, O2, H2).

Manual or Automated Gas Mixing: The intuitive desktop control software allows for easy setup and operation. Control and monitor of the dilution process with a few steps via the control panel or using the flow sequence mode enabling completely automated dilution/mixing series.

Compact Design: The Precision Gas Dilutor's compact footprint makes it suitable for laboratory benches as well as working at site in the field with limited space. Its ergonomic design also facilitates easy maintenance.


Environmental Monitoring: Ideal for creating precise gas standards for air quality analysis and emissions testing.

Chemical Analysis: Essential for analytical laboratories requiring accurate gas mixtures for calibration and quality control.

Research and Development: A valuable tool for researchers studying gas reactions and processes.

Manufacturing: Ensure consistent gas mixtures in manufacturing processes, such as semiconductor production.

Low ppb-Level Gas Mixtures: Accuracy even at dilution processes down to the low ppb or sub-ppb level.

Sulfur Compounds: Sulfur compounds, known for their distinct odors and reactivity, are often used in various industrial applications. The Precision Gas Dilutor can accurately and safely handle these compounds, due to its inert setup of all gas-bearing parts (incl. MFCs).

Hydrogen/ Natural Gas/ Biogas: Monitoring of sulfur compounds or rather filter breakthrough. Generation of highly accurate gas mixtures in order to calibrate the measuring systems.

Beyond: Whether working with aggressive/corrosive gases or sulfur compounds, the Precision Gas Dilutor is the appropriate tool, ensuring processes accuracy, reliability and safety.


Dimensions (l x w x h) / mm

435 x 449 x 84


~6 kg

Gas inlet connectors

3 mm Swagelok ®

Material gas- bearing parts


Dilution factor range

0 – 1500

Flow control

3 MFCs

Pressure input

3 bar

Flow controller accuracy

± 0.5 % RD ± 0.1 % FS

Flow controller repeatability

< 0.2 % RD

Warm-up time

30 min. for optimum accuracy

2 min. for accuracy ± 2% FS

Operating temperatures


Output flow rate

Matched to GAS systems (Standard: 300 mL /min) or adjustable to customers needs


USB connectivity

Power supply

85 – 264 V AC (external)

24 V DC / 8.3 A (internal)



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