Matrix Impact on Flavour Development

Understand how a change in formulation of food or beverage affects the product's flavour.

A change in the formulation of food and beverages typically results in a variation of the aroma perception. Besides impacts from flavour carrying ingredients, the food matrix itself can cause changes in the release of individual compounds. The flavour effusion can be tested through an accurate determination of the portions of the individual compounds in the headspace. However to assure comparability with the human perception any influence from sample pre-treatment should be avoided so that the sensitivity of analytical  instrumentation has to be higher than the odour threshold of the respective compound. G.A.S.' instruments allow to:

  1. Accurately quantify individual flavour compounds directly samples from the headspace

  2. Measure at levels below the human odour threshold for several flavour inducing compounds

  3. Monitor the variance in flavour release from different matrices when applying equal amounts of ingredients



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