The Gas Chromatograph - Ion Mobility Spectrometer (GC-IMS) of G.A.S. combines the high selectivity of a Gas Chromatograph with the extraordinary sensitivity of an IMS (typically low ppbv range)

The technical configurations with gas chromatographic (GC) columns include standard capillary (15-60m) or multi-capillary of various stationary phases that are selected acc. to the requirements of the analytical assignments.

The GC-IMS has integrated temperature and flow controler allowing firmware steered ramping to better separate highly volatile compounds and shorten run times which is decissive QC related assignments. The availability of positive same as negative ionisation modes enables the applicability for a wide range of substances e.g. ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, amines, phosphor organics same as chlorinated or halogenated compounds. 

The integrated six-port valve secures a very flexible sampling of gases. Further to that all relevant measurement parameters for method development are easy to access so that the operator can optimize the system with regard to his specific application.

The GC-IMS operates isotherm in a range of 40-80°C and >100°C for baking out (cleaning).  The GC-IMS provides an automatic data acquisition on the device and when connected to a PC 3-D data visualization and analysis by G.A.S. software suite called Laboratory Analytical Viewer (LAV).  Besides the possibility of quantifying single marker compounds additional software plug-ins allow to easy detect the appearance of new compounds or the differences of concentrations of existing compounds. The result classifies differences from a selected reference (golden standard) to quickly characterize e.g. the quality of a sample. 

An easy menu, manual or automatic operation modes as well as data acquisition, -analysis on board plus analogue data output via 4-20mA current loop facilitate a remote online process control. While the standard configuration of the GC-IMS requires N2 or synthetic for its operation it can alternatively be equipped with a circular gas flow unit (CGFU) to be independent from any external gas supply. All these characteristics together represent highest flexibility and make up the usefulness of the GC-IMS as analytical online and/or on-site tool. 

Through this the device can be applied for several analytical measurements e.g. testing for residual solvents, impurities from production, off-flavour detection, product or ingredients authentication, bad smell or TICs monitoring from industrial plants, perfume and cosmetics on human skin, etc.

As an additional on-site tool and to be indepedent from the use of gas cylinders G.A.S. has developed a circular gas flow unit (CGFU) to be coupled and supplied through the GC-IMS. By that only power is needed to have a portable field approved trace analyzer.



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