Selective Ultra-Trace-Analysis

The intrinsic sensitivity of ion mobility spectrometry combined with distinguished enrichment properties of thermal desorption by ITEX DHS leads to outstanding possibilities in the field of trace analysis where extremely low detection limits are required.

The In-tube Extraction (ITEX) Dynamic Headspace (DHS) Tool performs the enrichment of volatile or semi-volatile compounds during headspace analysis to increase the detection limits and concentrate compounds which cannot or barely be proven by common headspace sampling. By using a dynamic extraction method the compounds out of solid, liquid or gaseous phases can be easily enriched in the microtrap of the ITEX tool through continuously collection of the headspace. The ITEX trap is filled with an adsorbent material which can be application specifically adjusted and easily exchanged depending on the physical and chemical properties of the sample. Common trap materials are Tenax or activated charcoal. The reliability of the system is ensured by a closed design, where no sample loops, transfer lines or switching valves are used so that there is no risk of cross contamination, sample loss or carryover. The ITEX tool can be easily exchanged and the cycle times are optimized by overlapped sample incubation, active purging, trapping and cooling systems. The ITEX tool is already being used in several industrial fields for example for the analysis of food and beverages, flavors, drinking water, petrochemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals and residual solvents.



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