Sub-ppm Sulfur Quantification

The GC-IMS is designed to ensure the purity and quality of hydrogen, natural gas, and biogas. Engineered with precision and reliability, the analyzer offers unparalleled accuracy in detecting trace amounts of various key sulfur compounds.

Being calibrated at lowes sulfur levels, it helps industries maintain compliance with stringent environmental regulations, highest process requirements and guarantees the integrity of them. With its user-friendly interfaces and robust performance, the analyzer is the ideal solution for industries seeking to enhance their product quality and safeguard their operations against sulfur-related issues.

  1. 24/7 on-line analyzer
  2. Quantification of sulfur compounds in the one-digit ppb range
  3. Pre-calibrated for desired sulfur compounds (H2S, COS, MeSH, EtSH, SO2, CS2, e.g.) within the requested matrix gas
  4. Robust, long stability of calibrations due to its physical working principle
  5. Complete inert set-up of all gas-bearing parts



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