G.A.S. becomes project coordinator of FAST-IMS - " Frühe adäquate Sepsis-Therapie mittels Ionenmobilitätsspektrometrie-basierter Diagnostik"(engl.: Early Adequate Sepsis Therapy using Ion Mobility Spectrometry-based Diagnostics)

FAST-IMS is a joint project focussing on the evaluation of a new measurement system for a fast and early identification of infectious microorganisms in order to decrease the time between patients blood withdrawal, identification of the infectious MO species and finally medication of the adequate antibiotic in order to cure sepsis patients.

Funded by BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) / Sector: "Gesundheitswirtschaft im Rahmenprogramm Gesundheitsforschung" / Contract No: 13GW0191A



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