Laboratory Analytical Viewer (LAV)

The Laboratory Analytical Viewer (LAV) software enables an intuitive data handling and 3-dimensional representation of measurements. Several measurements are easily comparable in an overlay mode or as a difference topographic plot. Still each dimension of separation is accessible by using the GC- or IMS-monitor, which gives a one-dimensional view on the data in form of a chromatogram or ion mobility spectrum.

Software for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems

The LAV is the prime software platform for viewing and processing measurement data acquired by ion mobility spectrometers (IMS) or gas chromatograph-ion mobility spectrometry (GC-IMS) couplings. It offers several user friendly advantages:

  1. It is extendable using application related/customized plugin modules for data processing and visualization.
  2. The LAV can create compound calibrations for identification and quantification.
  3. GC-IMS measurement data can be organized into projects and as such batch-processed and compared.
  4. Reviewing the basic attributes of IMS measurements (e.g. origin, timestamp or description)
  5. Intuitive visualization of differences in samples in a 2-D topographic plot (up to 3 different measurements) as coloured overlays
  6. Display a single IMS spectrum or ion current view same as analyte ion peak intensities in a defined area for multiple measurement
  7. Data export into universal csv (comma separated values)

Available Plug-ins

In addition to the functionalities of the LAV G.A.S. has developed application related/customized plug-ins. These useful data analysis tools support analysts to compare entire chromatograms with respect to 1, 2- or even 3-dimensional data representations and are powerful tools for determining and evaluating signal patterns. Beyond that they facilitate identifying specific marker compounds or different amount of the same present substances within different samples and enable a comprehensible graphical representation of the result. The 'Reporter' plug-in is a very useful tool for re/-presentation, combination and analysis of GC-IMS data to quickly visualize entire chromatograms, compare them with or even substract them from each other to visualize difference in a second. The 'Gallery Plot' cuts out selected compound peaks within chromatograms and allows to compare their intensities in bigger datasets in order to visualize similarities or differences in the fingerprint of samples, show in- or compound decrease over time or rather variations in intensities.



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